Cosmetic dentistry in Greater Noida

Cosmetic dentistry is done to improve the look and appearance of the teeth, gums and bite and it finally improves the face structure and smile. Cosmetic dentistry basically improves or corrects the shape, position, color, size, alignment of the teeth. Most of the times cosmetic dentistry is done to improve the smile too. Our professional dentists in Greater Noida provides the best cosmetic dentistry treatment. Sn Dental clinic provides the best cosmetic dentistry in Greater Noida

Types of cosmetic dentistry

  1. Scaling and tooth polishing
  2. Dental Bleaching
  3. Smile makeover
  4. Diastema Closure
Cosmetic dentistry in Greater Noida

Scaling and tooth polishing:- Tooth scaling eliminates the parts of the enamel to improve the look and appearance of the face. Scaling is done to cure the crooked and extra long tooths.

Dental bleaching:- Tooth whitening, policing or bleaching is one of the most common dental cosmetic procedure to clean the teeth or make the teeth whiter. Laser whitening technique is used to whiten the tooth. Laser whitening is the most effective tooth whitening procedure used to whiten tooth as compared to other tooth whitening procedures.

Smile Makeover:- Smile makeover is a crucial process and it requires to analyze the face and tooth structure before moving to the next step. First of all, the face is deeply analyzed by the dentist and then the tooth is precisely scaled and polished so that a natural smile keeps looking natural as it is.

Gum lifts:-The unaligned gum lines are aligned to give a much natural and beautiful face. The tissues and underlying bones are reshaped in the process.

Implants:- Dental implants are done to replace the missing or infected tooth. The process is painless and there are no risk and side effects of doing dental implants.

Bonding:- Enamel like dental composite material is applied to tooths surface then it is shaped like the tooth and then hardened and polished which helps in decayed and cracked teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is basically done to improve the look and appearance of the face and the complexity of the process depends on the requirement.

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