Dental extraction in Greater Noida


Dental extractions are not new in the 21st century as teeth extraction has been there from the 14th-century and are used to treat various diseases. As antibiotics are not available in the 21st-century tooth extractions were very much painful. Various types of tools were invented and used to extract teeth in the 21st century.
With time the process of extraction has also refined and today extractions are painless and trouble-free. Antibiotics are used to make the teeth extraction process painless.

Dental extraction in Greater Noida

Dental extraction process

Dental extraction or tooth extraction is the process of extracting the infected tooth after proper examination by the dentist. It’s a straight forward process and is done when the patient is awake and local anesthetic injections are used to get rid of the pain.  Extraction may be done for many reasons but the most common one is when the teeth become unrestorable through tooth decay, periodontal disease, and dental trauma. Reason

The basic reason for tooth extraction is an injured or unaligned tooth.

There are several other reasons too like

Tooth decay Tooth infection
Gum diseases

Orthodontic treatment

Supernumerary teeth

Types of teeth extraction

Painless extraction

Tooth impaction

Fractured teeth

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Types of dental extraction

Dental extractions are of many types but are basically categorized into two parts

Simple extractions and surgical extractions

Simple extractions:- simple extractions are done on the visible part of the teeth and require only instruments to grasp the visible portion of the teeth. Repetitive back and forth pressure are applied to extract the teeth.

surgical extractions:- Surgical extraction are done when the extraction of tooth is not possible by simple extraction and it is a very complex process and most of the time it needs an incision to remove the soft tissues covering the tooth.

Tooth impaction

Tooth Impaction is one of the basic issues nowadays and to treat tooth impaction extraction of the tooth is done. Simple or surgical extraction may take place depending on the tooth.

Painless extraction:- Tooth extractions are painless because doctors use antibiotics before extraction to remove pain at the time of extraction.

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