Dental Implant in Greater Noida

Dental implant or fixture is a surgical element that interacts with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis like a crown or bridge. A dental implant has basically 3 parts the implant itself, crown or bridge and the abutment. The modern dental implant is a biological process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is the direct connection of the living bone and the dental implant. First of all the dental implant is placed so that it osseointegrate with the bone. After the implant is placed it is given a variable amount of healing time. Then the implant is examined and then the dental prosthetic (tooth, bridge or denture) is attached to the implant and sometimes an abutment is used to connect the implant with the dental prosthetic

Dental Implant in Greater Noida

The success of dental prosthetic treatment depends on the health of the person and the tissues in the mouth. The amount of stress that will be put on the implant is deeply evaluated by using computed tomography and is fixed after the stress level is analyzed. SN Dental clinic has the best dental implant dentist in Greater Noida

Planning of dental implants mainly focuses on the overall health of the patient and mainly the health of the mouth and mucous membranes. The shape and size of the jaws are also taken into consideration before the process of a dental implant.

People like betelnut chewers, smokers, diabetic patients and those who have poor oral hygienic have more chances of long term implant failures.

To make the implant permanently stable, the bone should grow to the surface of the implant.

Three to six months of time is given to the implant before placing the teeth. The implant process is very crucial and it must be given enough time to become permanent. After it becomes permanent the crown or bridge can be attached to it.

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