Denture in Greater Noida

False teeth or dentures are fake modules of teeth that are made to replace the missing or affected tooth. These false teeth are supported by the tissues of the oral cavity. Dentures do not feel like real teeth and are done for many reasons like

To improve the chewing ability

To give a natural appearance to the face and improve the face structure.

To improve pronunciation, without proper teeth you can’t pronounce some words properly.

To regain self-esteem, Dentures help you to keep your natural looks and attitude.

There are basically three types of dentures

Denture in Greater Noida

Partial denture (Removal)

Complete denture

Copy denture

Partial denture:- Partial denture is done when a patient is missing some teeth in a particular arch. A partial denture is also known as “crown and bridge”.

Complete denture:- Complete denture is done when a patient is completely missing teeth in the upper or lower arch.

Copy denture:- Copy denture is usually done on older patients and the denture is done in such a way that it looks natural.

Acrylic is used to make dentures due to the ease of manipulation and likeliness to gums.

Dentures should be opened at the time of sleeping and smoking.

The process of the denture usually takes 3 to 6 weeks, it can also be fast-tracked and completed in few days.

After the denture treatment is completed it should be taken care and cleaned regularly.

There are various ways to clean the denture like

Brushing:- The dentures should be cleaned with soft nylon brush and toothpaste regularly to keep them safe from plaque and gums.

Immersion cleaner:- patients should soak the denture in the immersion to keep them safe.

Liquid denture cleansers:- Liquid dental cleansers like sodium hypochlorite, alkaline peroxides, and acid cleaners are used for dental cleansers. Liquid or acid denture cleanser is one of the best ways to clean the dentures.

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