Root canal treatment in Greater Noida.

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy or root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is done to treat the infected pulp or teeth. It protects the teeth form dangerous germs keeps the tooth safe in the future. Infected pulp or tooth should be treated as soon as possible because these bacterias could create vulnerabilities for other parts of the body. SN Dental clinic in Greater Noida provides the best root canal treatment in Greater Noida.

The treatment procedure of root canal is very complex and the time it will take depends on the circumstances.

Root canal treatment in Greater Noida

Our Step by step Procedure for root canal treatment in Greater Noida

  1. Identifying and Processing
  2. Opening crown
  3. Separating the affected tooth
  4. Elimination of pulp tissue
  5. Irrigation of root canal
  6. Filling of root canal
  7. Partial filling
  8. Final restoration

Identifying and processing:- Before the root canal treatment is carried out a proper and deep inspection of the dental pulp and the surrounding periapical tissues are required. After examining the pulp and surrounding tissue the endodontist chooses the most appropriate process keeping in mind the longevity of the tooth and surrounding tissues. The treatment may include tooth extraction or the removal of the pulp.

Opening crown:- The endodontist makes an incision through the enamel and dentin tissue of the tooth.

Separating the affected tooth:- A rubber dam is used to separate the tooth from the oral and salivary contamination and it also protects the patient from ingestion of the instruments.

Elimination of the pulp tissue:- The crown-down procedure is used by the dentist to create the canal beginning from the coronal part after exploring the patency of the whole canal with the master apical file. Elimination of the pulp tissue is done with the crown-down procedure.

Irrigation of root canal:- The root canal is flushed with respective chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, saline, absolute alcohol, etc. The chemical irrigation process kills the microbes and dissolves with the pupal tissue.

Filling root canal:-Gutta-percha is used as a filling material. Melted gutta-percha is injected into the root canal passages.

Final Restoration:-Molars and premolars need to be protected with a  crown that covers the cup of the tooth. Final restoration varies between teeth and done accordingly.

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